I didn't realize the membership would automatically renew every year

Every year, I get a few teachers who contact me about the All Access Curated Short Story resources membership to say that they didn't know that the membership would automatically renew every year. (Those teachers on the monthly payment plan have not complained. )

So, to make sure RTE is upfront about the charges, I opened a new browser and went through the purchase process to make sure I was abundantly clear about the automatic renewal during the purchase process. This is what I found.

On the sales page, we state that the payment terms are "Just $3 per month" or "$30 annual plan."

On the customer order page, I state specifcially that the annual plan is "$30 for the first year, then $36 for each year."

On the Paypal order page, Paypal itself tells you that you are signing up for automatic payments and that you can cancel the authorization at in time in your Paypal settings.

All that said, I understand that your classroom needs change every year and sometimes, we don't remember what we ordered a year ago. So, a few weeks before your annual renewal date, I send an email that reminds you of these resources and includes instructions on how to cancel automatic payments.


If you still have questions, please reply to the one of our emails, fill out the contact form on our website, or submit a ticket on our helpdesk.