How do I use the Curated Short Stories Library?

New Curated Short Stories Library

While you can still sign up to access many of our curated short story resources individually at no charge, the bulk of our collection is now accessible in one location on our website for $10 per month. Watch this video to see how the library works.

Old All Access System...

Under the old system, there are TWO ways to access the short story resources.

1. View the short story resource pages from the original blog post.

The first way is through the original blog post where you found us. In order to see all the links to the resource pages, you need to make sure you're logged into your customer area:


2. View all the short stories resources through our member login and downloads pages.

You can login and access ANY reThink ELA product or membership that you've subscribed to or purchased via the customer/member area. it looks like this:


The old downloads page for subscribers is still available, but will be going away soon to make accessing your resources easier and less confusing. Click on the link in the red box from the membership page shown in the screenshot above to access this page. You can view a screenshot of the downloads page here:

You will need to be logged into your RTE account and have a current subscription to the All Access Curated Resources membership in order to view this downloads page

New Curated Short Stories Library

You can access the new Curated Short Stories Library for $10 per month. Watch this video to see how the library works.