How do I cancel my membership or billing agreement?

While we hope that our memberships, resources, and professional development will serve your needs and those of your students, we know that sometimes your situation changes. For that reason, you may wish to cancel your monthly or annual subscriptions. PayPal subscriptions If you purchased a product with a monthly or annual fee, unsubscribing from an email will NOT stop the payment. If you purchased your product or membership via Paypal (, you can cancel directly on their...

I didn't realize the membership would automatically renew every year

Every year, I get a few teachers who contact me about the All Access Curated Short Story resources membership to say that they didn't know that the membership would automatically renew every year. (Those teachers on the monthly payment plan have not complained. ) So, to make sure RTE is upfront about the charges, I opened a new browser and went through the purchase process to make sure I was abundantly clear about the automatic renewal during the purchase process. This is what I found. On the ...

I subscribed to a grade level unit, but I teach a different grade now. What do I do?

Our Grammar Conversations units are designed for specific grade levels based on both OAS and CCSS. We recommend that you purchase the unit that is specific to your grade level. However, we know that sometimes you are moved from one grade to another, or you switch schools and end up teaching a different grade. If that happens to you, just let us know and we'll transfer the remainder of your subscription to the unit for the grade level you need. Just start a conversation with us!